Aviation and Aerospace Manager (AAM) On-Line Training - Level 1

The Aviation and Aerospace Manager online training addresses all current management needs enabling qualified workers to transition into management and existing managers to prepare for greater career advancement.

$275.00 - $345.00

Avionics Training: Fundamental skills for aircraft electronic and electrical systems

The role of the AMT is changing in part due to the changes in technology.
This course is designed to provide AMTs with an overarching understanding of Avionics.

$639.20 - $799.00

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS) On-Line Training Program

CCAA has developed Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) Online Training, consisting of 17 courses available in English and French. These courses are intended for individuals employed in manufacturing, maintenance, and design occupations including those performing elementary work


CCAA Health & Safety for Aircraft Technicians

Working as an Aircraft Technician means working at heights, moving heavy objects, using powerful machinery and being near hazardous objects and materials. This 4-module, online course provides health and safety training critical to your safety and of those around you.

$103.20 - $129.00

CCAA Human Factors Training

This course provides participants with an understanding and awareness of the human factors that can potentially lead to accidents and incidents. This course is intended for all persons employed within the aviation and aerospace industry.

$79.00 - $99.00

CCAA Troubleshooting & Analytical Thinking

This course will help AMTs to develop and enhance their logical reasoning skills, enabling them to troubleshoot effectively and efficiently.

$119.20 - $149.00

WHMIS 2015

Learn about the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System and how it is implemented in Canada, including its administration and legal foundation

$27.60 - $34.50